Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet Victory

Okay, the title was my moment of delirious happiness over Scott Brown's victory in yesterday's Massachusetts Senate election.

My liberal friends hate the giddiness exhibited by me and my brethren...and you know I take some perverse pleasure in that. I apologize. It has been a long year.

Now that I have that off my chest, the real happiness comes from the hope that the average citizen is finally awake and taking action. Why do I say "average citizen"? Because those of us in the inner political circle know that the passionate far right and far left are the people who traditionally win elections for candidates. For way too long, we have pushed the buttons of those people to win is just another example of political expediency that has bastardized the government process.

But who has been pushing the buttons of the "average citizen"? Aren't they the ones who usually get the short end of the stick after all the special interests get their hunk of meat when the elections are over and it's payback time?

I think Scott Brown may have the answer and the rest of our country may become better for it. The "average citizen" has their voice back, let's cherish and nurture it so that the bloom of freedom can be seen by all and let them truly behold what a vibrant and beautiful color it can be.

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