Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Tyranny of the Minority

One of my journalist friends had a post about a doctor (urologist) who wouldn't take any clients who voted for Obama. Of course, I responded in the positive. Good for him. Then one of his friends posted the opposite basically stating that anyone who had a doctors license HAD to treat EVERYONE.

And then my blood pressure took a head north.

Why do certain people always want to tell others how to live their life or run their business? Is it because we have evolved into a people who lack personal responsibility so others feel we need to be told what to do?

This is a bi-partisan issue. My GOP Brethren have been known to pass "nanny" legislation too.

But the majority of this legislation stems from a whiny minority of people who have decided they know what's best for the rest of the neighborhood. You know the ones and they come together on different issues. I was okay when the moms of my neighborhood got together and watched after us kids and kept us safe from outsiders, but then certain moms must have gotten a little bored with this and moved on to the next step...they decided that the icecream truck couldn't come into our neighborhood because little Johnny was getting too fat, so the rest of kids had to suffer the results of their meddling (little Johnny's mother should have taken care of that issue at home). Then a few other moms got together and decided that ten speed bikes were too dangerous so they coerced the rest of the moms to donate ours to the Salvation Army. After awhile, our neighborhood ceased to be one of exploration, fun and camaraderie, it was about whose mom was going to tell us what to do next. We all became afraid to play together or with certain kids. It became hell on earth.

Well folks, that is how our country currently works. We are at the mercy of the "moms" who feel they know what's best for us. I, for one, am really dang tired of it. Tyranny of the Minority...yes, it is time for change.

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